"I am one of the most avid Whole Food Plant Based advocates

you will ever meet." 

"Grilling is NOT dead." 

Roasted Zuccini

"I simply love to cook something that I've never made before for all of my guests." 

This passionate Wellness Coach discovered first hand the powerful healing power of plants and is focused now in amplifying what she’s learned.

Michelle Odiorne is a passionate Wellness Coach certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University, and a Rouxbe Certified Professional Plant-Based Chef.  She received her Associate’s degree in Business at Indiana University.

Since February, 2013, Michelle has successfully facilitated monthly whole food plant-based potlucks featuring guest speakers and educational programs throughout the Tampa Bay area.  WFPB oil free cooking demos are offered at local health food stores. Michelle also works with Wellness Coordinators, corporate and governmental leaders administering monthly cooking and wellness seminars for their employees.

In 2012 after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives and attending an immersion, the connection between food and health was confirmed.  Six weeks after adopting this lifestyle, her cholesterol dropped 85 points, inflammation in her body dissipated, and her husband who was being treated for high cholesterol, was able to get off Statins.  Another family member has lost 125 pounds and has arrested several chronic health conditions.

Michelle’s on-going goal is to teach and provide the necessary tools to individuals, corporations and communities about the benefits of adopting a whole food plant-based oil free lifestyle through cooking demonstrations, wellness seminars, speaking engagements, and menu development.

Her whole food plant-based journey on Facebook has grown substantially with followers seeking the knowledge and benefits of a whole food plant-based no oil lifestyle.


Michelle has totally emerged herself in thoughtful cooking for over 40 years. As a "totally from scratch cook" she has always avoided processed and prepackaged foods. 


She is an avid Whole Food Plant Based advocate and a wonderful WFPB Coach.

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